The thing I have learned about painting is to remember who wears the pants.

Here are a few specifics:

Paintings will start as slow as they like, take as long as they like, and will declare when they are finished with you. 

They will let you think you are a genius, then show you that you clearly are not.

If I think too much, I will surely be wiping it off.

Sandpaper is good.

An abstract painter once replied to a query about their last painting: 
"I kicked it's ass." 
 I have felt that way, but not before I have had my ass kicked all over the room, for days and weeks.

Paintings can actually laugh at you.

Paintings will show you their appreciation for your efforts by being beautiful.
They want you to know that using your gifts is a spirituality of the highest order,
so please continue.

I have had paintings pat me on the head.



 Diane DiMassa

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